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To find out more about the New Age - the movement and the lifestyle goto NewAgeUniverse


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Record Labels Online

For a list of record labels goto: label Links


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Musicians and Composers Online

2002 a duo with several successful albums under the belt. Truly a worldwide page! Here's Alquimia from Brazil. New on the scene comes. Randy Anagnostis with DREAMS. Ancient Future, for a totally different sound. Autum'sChild contemporary instrumental music featuring the Native American flute with cello, harp, guitar and ethnic percussion. Axiom The name used by Bill Laswell, another ambient pioneer. Laurie Anderson's CD-Roms (Puppet Motel) on Voyager. Includes her tour notes, diagrams of her stage and special effects, sound samples, realtime movies, etc. Great site!! Babak:well known composer from Iran. With a WINDOW ON THE WEST, there's David Bach . Staring Into The Sun, by minimalist guitarist, Christian Buehner, composer, musician and sound architect.Joe Cecil: inspired by buddhist chanting. Has several albums and music samples.Rocert Carty, excellent Space Music composer. Armen Chakmakian, keyboardist from Shadowfax presents eclectic new world music. Suzanne Ciani: composer, pianist,keyboardist. Has recorded many albums for Private Music. Has now her own label Seventh Wave Dead Can Dance: New Age Avant Garde. Ken Davis: KEN DAVIS RELAXATION MUSC. Ken is one of the leading New Age Musicians in Australia. Constance Demby: The most famous femal space music artist. Has recorded many albums. Suzanne Doucet:well known composer and producer from Germany."Reflecting Light", "Resonance", "The Om Sound," "Transmission". Lee Eisenstein New age composer and musician. Lives in Hawai. Mixes guitar and gregorian chants! Brian Eno: The Grandfather of ambient music Enya (Unofficial):Alain Eskinasi, member of the newage jazzband 3rd Force,and author of albums like Brainscapes and Chakradancer. Farzin:Sax player and composer on Aladdin Records. Chris Field, well known trailer composer and new age reccording artist. Christopher Franke:Co-Founder and Ex Tangerine Dream member. Has his own label.Sonic Images. Bruce Geller, contemporary instrumentalist from Southern California, Edward Gerhard (guitarist, Virtue Records)Evan Gould, Newage Piano Solo--very melodic and soothing music.Golana´, Native American flautist.Grundman, composer from Spain who donates all his profits to DoctorsWithoutBorders. Steve & Dave Gordon, 20 years bestselling artists. Steven Halpern One of the pioneers of the genre of New Age Music, Crystal Award recipient Steven Halpern, an internationally well known composer/recording artist, producer and author has lectured all over the world on the healing power of music. He has released numerous albums. Scott Hartley, presents rest Light". Michael Hoppe, Grammy nominated composer and musician. Has recorded numerous New Age/Classical albums incl. "Requiem", "The Yearning", "The Dreamer" and "The Poet". Bruce Geller - Contemporary-Intstrumental New-Age Composer/Recording Artist. Philip Glass: probably the most famous minimalist that crossed over into New Age. Gyuto Monks/Tibetan Buddhism: experience the overtone-rich chants of the Tibetan Monks. Don Harris composer and musician of such wonderfull albums as "Elevations," "Shell Game," "Vanishing Point." Heart Zones: Motivated by the emotional healing qualities of music this group is dedicated to use music as a tool for planetary healing. Phil Hirsch, owner of Clubhouse Records, "Phil's Harmonic Orchestra". Iasos One of the original founders of new age music. Winner of the Crystal Award for New Age Artist at the 2nd International New Age Music Conference. Kitaro: One of the pioneers of the New Age Music Scene in the early seventies. Kitaro recorded for Celestial Harmonies, Geffen and has now his own label, Domo. David Lanz:New Age piano virtuoso. Mars Lasar, musician, composer and performer from Australia. Maia: Piano solo pieces on Maia Records Gerald J.Markoe: Music from the Pleiades, Angel Music and more. Liquid Mind, 8 ambient healing albums. Most recent "Sleep." Loreena McKennitt Canadian New Age singer. Marufi:Romantic pianomusic with a blend of sufi-scales and ocean sounds on Aladdin Records. Maya & Sage: devotional chanting, meditation music, folk songs and spiritual Love songs.Elise Lebec, new age pianist and vocalist. Mirage:Group that plays an interesting blend of New Age World Music on Aladdin Records. Mixmaster Morris ambient composer.Nadimi, new age classical composer from Iran. Pacini:Pacini composes and performs intuitive and relaxing new age music.Ahmad Pejman, artist on aladdin records. Wayne Perry:Voice teacher of Overtone chanting. Deva Premal, the queen of New Age Chants! Gabrielle Roth, Raven Records. Master of rhythm. Robin Spielberg, CI pianist: SiaVash composer and keyboardist on Aladdin Records. Michael Stearns:One of the pioneers of Space Music. Many soundtracks and albums. Check out the movie "Baraka" now available on Video. Steve Roach: One of the best American ambient/world music and new age composers. His "Structures from Silence" is regarded one of the New Age Classics Jon Schmidt's, Classical New Age homepage. Sounds of Nature, a series of Nature sounds by Chuck Plaisance & Suzanne Doucet. Chris Spheeris: critically acclaimed New age Composer and musician. Tangerine Dream, private page/fan club. Tajalli indigenous music blending new age meditative and world music elements. Drumming workshops available. John Tesh: Pop New Age - check out John Tesh's Real Audio message Vangelis: One of the most famous New Age Superstars.Lives in Greece. Received Oscar for "Chariots of Fire" in 1982 Ann Warner: angel music - posters and more. She also wrote a book! .Warner, Paul - composer of progressive-classical music, electronic and new age music. Music devoted to nature, spiritual upliftment and healing the environment. Author of books of poetry. Tim Wheater Composer and Flautist from England. Has traveled the world and collected many musical treasures and teachings Yanni: Pop New Age, Composer and Keyboardplayer from Greece and there is last not least Laurie Z.

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New Age Radio Programs


NewAgeReporter, check it out. You will find New Age Radio charts and more...Hearts of Space, hosted by Stephen Hill, crystal award winner of 1989. Lists playlists from 1990, stations that carry the show, and link to the HOS record label and artists. Echoes, hosted by John Diliberto. New Age music in an eclectic mix you will not hear elsewhere. Musical Starstreams, hosted by Forest, crystal award winner for pioneering in the New Age Media. Several programs are aired on KKUP, Cupertino CA 91.5 FM. 1. Mystic Music 2. Changes,Ronald Boortman. SoundScapes at Music Choice (cable TV) plays New Age Music 24/7. There is also DMX digital radio and Sirius, digital satellite radio.


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NAM Music Magazines

ambient music magazine (new site) Dirty Linen (folk music magazine) Musician Magazine (new net site): NAPRA (Napra Review) Membership Organization and Trade Magazine for New Age Publishers and Record Labels. Strong emphasis on Music. NAPRA offers many benefits to their members: New Age Retailer Trade Magazine for New Age Retailers and Suppliers. Strong emphasis on Music. New Frontier Magazine New Age Magazine. Strong emphasis on Music. Check it out. You will find New Age Radio charts and more...New Age Voice is a new magazine that has recently published the first New Age Radio charts. Over a hundred stations & key retailers report to New Age Voice on a monthly basis.

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Only New Age Music, Inc. Consulting services for New Age Musicians and labels.E-mail consultation! Or by Phone/Fax - personal sessions - and ongoing marketing concepts and/or campaigns for mainstream and alternative markets available. New Editions a new age marketing company, based in Sedona, Arizona offering mailings, New Marketing Opportunities, a terrific resource book/directory and more. submit your free listing!Peer Pressure, top NAC Radio promotion service. National Music Marketing, available for New Age retail marketing in the mainstream.

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Music Indexes on the Web
Major Directory of Music Related Web Sites
Go there to add your URL to their list!

New Age Music List by David Delay: a master list of music resources: Yahoo Music Guide, Internet Music Guide: New Age music section. A boatload of references. All Music Guide,largest database of music on the Internet.

The New Age Wholesale Directory
A listing of the best New Age Distributors, Wholesalers, and Dropshippers.


Music Research and Trade Resources

Ascap, performing rights organization, song database

BMI, performing rights organization, song database. Music Pro (Music industry connection to the internet--music professionals website...lots of links): Pollstar: The Concert Hotline, searchable database of music tours. UseNet group: World Wide Web of Music, an extraordinary site of everything about music. Lots of links. ArtistDirect

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MUSI-CAL: To have concerts posted on the web at an on-line music calendar resource, call 518-372-5583 for instructions. Concerts are searchable by any field: date, artist, and location within a specified radius. Concert/tour info Find out where your favorite artist is performing next.

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