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With Suzanne Doucet: a New Age Music pioneer from Europe, who has helped numerous clients to reach their goals in the international market place. We work with a team of top professionals in the industry including but not limited to Radio, Retail, PR, Strategic promotions and alliances, Licensing, Film and TV placement, and Internet marketing.


• Marketing Concepts & Strategies

• Sales and Distribution Setup USA for mainstream and Alternative as well as International

• Digital Distribution Set Up

• Internet Strategies, set up, marketing and promotion

• Licensing & distribution Negotiations & Representation at MIDEM, NARM, INATS and other major trade shows and conventions

• Manufacturing & Fulfillment Setup

• Coordination of Production, Mastering, Manufacturing and Printing, Label Management & Strategic Promotions

• Coordination of Promotion and Marketing Campaigns including Radio Promotion, Retail Marketing, Internet Marketing and Media Relations

• Cover Art, Graphics (Ads)

• Audio Production

• Video Production (HD) - artist feature including performance shoot, interview, artist recording environment. Clips for YouTube and EPK.

To start the process you can e-mail us with a description of your project, where you think you need help, and what objectives you wish to accomplish.

We will evaluate your project, and determine whether or not it is something we are able to help you with. If we can't help you, we may recommend others who can.

If we can help you we will usually schedule an initial session, where we will consult with you on your project. Since you might not live in Los Angeles or are out of the country, this session can be done via phone (skype) and/or emaill. There is a fee for the initial consulting session.

Prior to the actual consulting session, we will look at your website listen to some of your music online and present to you our thoughts about the best topics for our session.

We will conclude the consulting session with an action plan of next steps. We can help you with these next steps, you can proceed on your own (checking in occasionally if you like) or we can divide up the actions to take. At this point we may end the session and you may come back to us when and if you need more help.

Or, if we both agree, we may go on a monthly retainer (TBD) for the length of the assignment which can range from one month to a year or two based on the complexity of the assignment and your goals.

We will not take on a client unless we feel our services will benefit you.

For more information about how we can help you produce, package, develop or market your project or media business please call:323-851-3355

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